Board of Directors

  • Tom LaMacchia – President
  • Robert LaMacchia
  • Frank Spagnuolo
  • Mike Caruso
  • Bill Jakovac

Past Presidents

  • William Spagnuolo
  • Emil DeMarco
  • Paul Spagnuolo
  • Frank Spagnuolo


  • William Spagnuolo
  • Charles Spadafore
  • Paul Bozzo
  • Joe DeMarco
  • George Spagnuolo
  • Emil DeMarco
  • Alfred Belsito
  • Charles Spagnuolo
  • Charles Fabiano
  • Tony Diamante
  • Charles Coscarelli
  • Frank Spadafora
  • Sam Fortino
Members of the Sant’ Ippolito Society
Front Row: Left to Right

Charles Spadafore, Emil DeMarco, Sam Fortino 
Back Row: Left to Right
George Spagnuolo, Paul Bozzo, William Spagnuolo and Frank Spadafora

We apologize if we missed a name that should be on the list, a name that is on the list but should not be, or if any names are spelled incorrectly. Please contact us at info@ippolitosociety.com if a name should be added, removed, or edited. Thank you for your understanding.

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